1472852_796740952771_6319366203082306058_nHi there, this is Gee Demiray, a global communications and digital media specialist with significant experience in international organizations, public relations and creative industries. Currently working in the public affairs and energy field, I also like describing myself as a jeune-turque and flâneuse enjoying Haussmann’s Paris.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, I got my BA degree in Economics and Art History from Vassar College in New York in 2011. After college, I pursued an MA degree in Global Communications at the American University of Paris. Throughout my education and afterwards, I have done communications work at a variety of different sectors and industries and held positions at Vogue magazine, TimeOut Istanbul, Stella McCartney,  Vassar College, U.S. Department of State, UNESCO, and the OECD. I am an excellent writer and editor for both the print and digital platforms, with a diverse portfolio featuring fiction, press releases, web copy, arts and entertainment reviews, scientific features, fashion writing, and more. In addition, I have strong passion for international affairs, new media and digital design.

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  • Published short story book, Engelleri Asmak, 2006, Bulut Publishing.
  • 100,000 followers on visual social media platform Pinterest.
  • Successfully completed the ABRSM program and earned the Diploma of the Royal Academy of Music, UK, in Piano Performance and Music Theory.
  • Have lived and worked in France, Turkey, and the United States.
  • Demonstrated achievement in multi-cultural/international settings.


  • Events planning and execution, VIP relations.
  • Active and proficient in blogging and social media.
  • Digital native with intuitive command of new software, web standards, and technology.
  • Strong understanding of graphic design, digital/print layout, and website usability.
  • Proficient in Mac OS X, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, MailChimp, MS Office, iWork, Prezi.

Fun Facts

  • I love traveling and airports are among my favorite places. No, I’m not crazy.
  • My favorite food is chocolate. It’s also my major weakness.
  • I’m not the domestic type at all, but I really enjoy baking and cooking. Cookies and Thanksgiving pies are among my specialties.
  • I’ve been on photo shoots with Grace and breathed the same air as Anna, yet I’m still alive.
  • I go to museums in my free time (nerd-alert.)